Yadea G5 PRO
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The electric scooter model yadea G5 PRO is based on its little brother the G5. Accordingly, many details of the vehicle are identical. The frame construction is made of cold-rolled steel, which has withstood even the toughest vibration tests without any damage. The rear swing arm is made of high-strength aluminum, with a maximum load of 155 kg and is double-sprung. The front fork, which is also double-sprung, reliably irons all bumps out of the road and thus ensures excellent driving characteristics.

The big difference is in the motor. In the G5 PRO, this consists of a central motor with a max. power of 3.100 W. The advantages of a mid-engine lie in the extremely efficient operation and a very high efficiency. The operating voltage is 60V and a max. torque of 130 Nm. The very efficient middle motor is controlled by a so-called FOC controller / field-oriented vector control. The max. speed is 45 km / h. The electrical power required for the G5 PRO is provided by two 60V 32Ah lithium-ion batteries, inside which Panasonic 18650 cells are installed, such as those used for the Tesla Model S. The capacity of each individual battery of 1920 Wh (total 3840 Wh) is sufficient for a distance of up to 160 km. If required, both batteries can be removed from the vehicle for charging and fully recharged with the included IP67 protected charger at every household 230V socket within max. 8 hours for each battery.

On the handlebar, the yadea G5 PRO electric scooter has a 7 inch VA LCD high-contrast display with automatic brightness control, on which all relevant data such as speed, state of charge, rest range, distance traveled, existing GPS connection and much more are displayed precisely and clearly. As Antitheft protection, the G5 PRO has an alarm system and an immobilizer which can be activated / deactivated using a radio remote control.

The large 12 inch wheels guarantee safe road holding. A 220 mm fully hydraulic disc brake is installed on both wheels. The vehicle is approved for 2 people - the helmet compartment under the seat is omitted in this model due to the second battery. A luggage rack for the rear is optionally available, on which an additional top case for luggage transport can be mounted. Overall, the electric scooter weighs 118 kg, of which 22 kg are for both batteries.

Another highlight of the yadea G5 PRO is the APP for smartphones with which many functions of the vehicle can be monitored and controlled. Also integrated in the app is a practical self-analysis tool for the localization of any malfunctions. Together with the RFID Keyless Go key, you perfectly round off the smart function of the new yadea G5 PRO electric scooter. In order to be able to charge the smartphone or other mobile devices comfortably while driving, the escooter has a USB charging socket on the front of the handlebar.

IMPORTANT: This scooter model is EEC certified meaning street-legal in whole Europe. Inside Germany there is a driving license required - from 16 years with driving license class A1, AM; from 18 years with each driving license of classes 1a, 1, 2, 3, A, B or C. Should you be located outside Germany please check your national rules and regulations in regards to required driving licenses.

The delivery of this escooter model arrives 100% fully built up and ready to drive.
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Max. range (in km - at 22°C with 70 kg payload)
Max. speed (in km/h)
Speeds / gears
Max. motor power (in watts)
max. Torque (in Nm)
Type of drive
Central motor
Length, width, height (in cm)
181 x 70 x 115 (127 with mirrors)
Weight (battery incl.) in kg
Battery weight (in kg)
Operating voltage (in volts)
Battery capacity in Ah
Battery capacity in Wh
Battery type
Battery removable for charging
Cell type
Panasonic Typ 18650 (as used in Tesla Model S for example)
70.5V 4A
Max. Charging time (in hours)
Alarm system
Rotary throttle
Front fork / rear double shock absorbers
Brake system
hydraulic disc brake front and rear
90/90-12 front & 100/80-12 rear
Tire size (in Inch)
Vehicle frame
cold-rolled steel
Handlebar height (in cm)
Seat height (in cm)
Wheelbase (in cm)
Ground clearance (in cm)
Mobile Application (APP)
USB charging socket
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Yadea G5 PRO - FAQs

Brake pads wear out during use. All disc brakes always have an inner and an outer brake pad. The inner one (towards the wheel) is always fixed, while the outer one can move back and forth. After a certain time, the inner lining must therefore be readjusted and slightly adjusted towards the brake disc in order to ensure an even and safe braking process again. To do this, readjust the large adjusting screw on the inside of the brake calliper accordingly. It is also possible that the brake pads have reached their run-off / wear limit and need to be replaced with new ones. On vehicles with drum brakes, you can readjust them using the Bowden cable and the locking screw.
As a rule, the fault here is that a plug is loose somewhere or that it fails due to a loose connection. Something small that is preventing the scooter from flowing electricity in all the major parts. For example, it can also be due to a missing blade fuse / not activated main fuse. The scooter is activated, i.e. the front light lights up, the LEDs light up but the engine does not turn: 1. The side stand must be raised for the throttle to work. 2. The plug connections on the control unit must be checked here. Unplug individually and reconnect. Also check the wiring from the throttle grip - this is the cable from the throttle grip come follow and check.
The side stand must be up for the scooter to drive off. It can happen that the mechanism on the side stand does not work. This must then be replaced so that the scooter works again.
Check the main switch under the seat - if it is in the "OFF" position, the vehicle may not work. This is due to an unconnected positive terminal on the batteries. To do this, remove the running board on the Raptor and connect the positive terminal underneath (red cable) to the battery. Please switch off the main switch at the rear under the seat during longer storage. Otherwise the battery will be deep discharged and can be irreparably damaged. Please note that if the main switch is off, the alarm system will also stop working.
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