SXT Care & SXT Care Plus

Looking for the best service?

With our service promise to our customers, we have undertaken to offer the best possible service. As a result, we will be the first German manufacturer of e-scooters and e-scooters to offer our "SXT Care" package with every vehicle purchased from 1 January 2023. With this free add-on, the buyer is entitled to an inspection in our service workshop once a year at no extra cost.

In addition to SXT Care, we offer our SXT Care plus for an extra charge (from 99€). This service package can be taken out up to 30 days after the invoice date. This is valid for 3 years, among other things you are entitled to a service appointment once a year, discounts on spare parts and express processing.

Conclusion of SXT Care up to 30 days after invoice date:

1.) Send an email with the invoice and chassis number of your vehicle to with a request to take out the Care plus package.

2.) We will send you all the information to complete the process.

3.) After paying the one-off amount, you will receive your SXT Care plus service package.

included free of charge

Validity period: 2 years from date of invoice
automatic conclusion with the purcase of an SXT vehicle

3 years manufacturer's warranty on battery and motor**

1x annual service for your vehicle:

  • Test drive
  • Checking the brakes for function and wear

  • Checking the tyres for air pressure and wear

  • Functional test of the lighting system

  • Functional test of display/onboard computer

  • Voltage measurement of the battery

  • Checking hydraulic components for leaks

  • Check for damage

  • Drawing up an inspection report

  • Issuing or entering a checkbook

  • Recommendation of necessary measures

not included:

  • All services not explicitly mentioned under „Included Services“ Services

  • Repair services and spare parts

from one time 99€

Validity period: 3 years from date of invoice
Conclusion also still possible up to 30 days from date of invoice

Extension of the manufacturer's warranty

to a total of 5 years on battery and motor**

Included services :

  • 1x per year all services of SXT Care, plus:

  • Repair services free of charge***

  • 30% discount on required spare parts****

  • Express processing

not included:

  • All services not explicitly mentioned under „Included Services“ Services

included free of charge

Gültigkeitsdauer: 2 Jahre ab Rechnungsdatum
automatischer Abschluss bei Kauf eines SXT Fahrzeuges

3 Jahre Herstellergarantie für Akku und Motor**

1x jährlicher Service für dein Fahrzeug:

  • Probefahrt
  • Prüfen der Bremsen auf Funktion und Verschleiß
  • Prüfen der Bereifung auf Luftdruck und Verschleiß
  • Funktionsprüfung der Lichtanlage
  • Funktionsprüfung Display/Bordcomputer
  • Spannungsmessung des Akkus
  • Prüfen hydraulischer Komponenten auf Dichtigkeit
  • Prüfen auf Schäden
  • Erstellen eines Prüfberichts
  • Ausstellung  bzw. Eintragung Scheckheft
  • Empfehlung notwendiger Maßnahmen

Nicht inbegriffen:

  • Alle nicht explizit unter "Inklusivleistungen" genannten Leistungen
  • Reparaturleistungen und Ersatzteile
  • Kosten des Hin- und Rücktransportes

ab einmalig 89€

Gültigkeitsdauer: 3 Jahre ab Rechnungsdatum
Abschluss auch noch bis 30 Tage ab Rechnungsdatum möglich

Verlängerung der Herstellergarantie
auf insgesamt 5 Jahre für Akku und Motor**


  • 1x jährlich alle Leistungen von SXT Care zuzüglich:
  • Regelversandkosten innerhalb EU*
  • Verlängerung der Herstellergarantie von 3 auf 5 Jahre für Akku und Motor**
  • Reparaturleistungen kostenlos***
  • bis zu 60% Rabatt auf benötigte Ersatzteile****
  • Expressabwicklung

Nicht inbegriffen:

  • Alle nicht explizit unter "Inklusivleistungen" genannten Leistungen

*In order to avoid transport damage when transporting your vehicle to SXT Service, the scope of services only applies if the original packaging and the associated filling material are used. The customer is liable for transport damage due to improper packaging during shipment to SXT. The customer shall bear the costs of transport to the SXT Service.

** Covered are total failures of the battery's electronics (BMS) and or damaged cells as well as production and material defects.
Does not apply to reduction in range due to natural wear and tear.

*** Working time for possible repairs will not be charged.

****30% off all spare parts required for repairs carried out by certified SXT service points. A general discount of 15% on all spare parts and accessories applies to orders placed in the online shop.

SXT Care as well as SXT Care plus does not apply to damage resulting from improper use and or accident vehicles. 

Free labour with SXT Care plus does not apply to the repair of damage resulting from improper use and or accident vehicles. Discounts on wear and tear and spare parts also apply here.

SXT Care plus is not transferable to other vehicles, serial numbers or chassis numbers.

In the event of private resale of the vehicle, the SXT Care & Care plus package remains valid.

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