Special solutions

As one of the market leaders in the e-mobility sector, SXT Scooters offers a range of special as well as tailor-made solutions for many areas in addition to its standard range.

These include, among others, vehicles for:

  • Scooter sharing concepts
  • Vehicles for company fleets / premises
  • Delivery solutions (e.g. pizza service, courier service etc.)
  • Vehicles according to individual requirements

They are currently sprouting up in many cities around the world like mushrooms - the scooter sharing concepts - rightly so! A perfect solution to cope with the upcoming traffic collapse in the inner cities, as well as the ever-increasing parking problems, are our small, space-saving and ultra-flexible sharing scooter models. The devices are designed for daily use in wind and weather and can withstand even the toughest demands, as is common on rental scooter systems. The innovative and extremely robustly designed vehicles are one, if not the most important basic element to ensure the economic success of the escooter sharing projects. Experience has shown that these vehicles are not always treated by the users as it should be in the providers eyes - thus ensuring the stability, durability and reliability of the vehicles over a long period of time. Another important aspect is the ease of maintenance with the greatest possible maintenance intervals. 

When designing the rental scooter solutions, it also comes down to other things, such as maximum comfort with a stripped-down number of individual components, as well as the greatest possible range between the individual charging processes. All of these requirements are met by our sharing scooter models, which are already being used thousands of times by leading escooter sharing companies worldwide. In principle, our solutions include not only the vehicle and the electric controller but also the central controller as well as the Bluetooth and GPS module. The app is usually developed by the customer and connected to the vehicle according to our interface description.

In many large companies and on various campuses, they are already being used successfully to cover long distances quickly and efficiently - electric scooters for company premises. This shortens the downtime on the one hand through long internal handling of routes and on the other hand increases the efficiency. Many existing operating bicycle fleets are now replaced by electric scooters, as they are much less maintenance-intensive and error-prone, since they consist of significantly fewer individual components, which could propably fail.

The growing traffic in the inner cities is the big enemy of express delivery services, such as pizza service, postman and other express carriers and suppliers who need to bring small consignments quickly through the urban area from A to B. The solution is very simple - our electric scooter solutions for delivery services are not only very cost effective with their extremely low maintenance, repair and maintenance costs, they are also much easier, more flexible and above all faster due to the prevailing traffic chaos than many other means of transport the whole thing also quiet and environmentally friendly. From small compact scooters to large scooters with high payload volumes, we can find the right solution for every requirement.

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