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The scooter comes from a customer return and is in good technical and visual condition.

A result of consistent further development - the SXT BEAST PRO! In the class of high-performance electric scooters, this model should not be missing and has more than earned its place. For what reason? Because every single component of this vehicle is more than worthy of it.

The technical data speak for themselves: 85 km/h max. speed, 4,800 W max. engine power, fully hydraulic adjustable shock absorbers, fully hydraulic disc brakes, 28.8 Ah battery with LG lithium cells what more does it need to live up to the reputation of a completely over-the-top, over-powered beast ?

The SXT BEAST PRO is bursting with power - two brushless high-performance electric motors, each with 2,400 W motor output, result in the maximum system output of 4,800 W. The resulting maximum speed is 85 km/h, from 0-50 km/h in under 6 seconds.

The suspension consists of 2 fully hydraulic, adjustable shock absorbers - the braking system is also a fully hydraulic disc brake system front and rear.

Another highlight is the standard steering damper on the front axle, which is built into the vehicle for true tracking even at top speeds and is also infinitely adjustable. The tires are 11 inch CST pneumatic tires 90/65-6.5 front and rear.

In addition to the LED main lighting at the front and rear, the SXT BEAST PRO is also equipped with LED lights at the front and rear integrated into the running board, as well as turn signals that are controlled by pressing a button on the left side of the handlebar. The built-in horn is also activated via the left side of the cockpit. A design highlight is the blue ambient LED lighting on the side of the running board, which can be activated and deactivated via the control unit on the throttle grip.

The battery, which is safely protected from dust and water inside the running board, is a 60V lithium battery based on LG cells with a capacity of 28.8 Ah / 1728 Wh. The IP protection of the escooter is IP54.
ATTENTION!!! The SXT BEAST PRO model is a high-performance electric scooter and not street-legal. The vehicle is specially designed for race tracks and for the sporting competition area. The following applies to customers who operate the vehicle in France: the vehicle can be technically throttled to 25 km/h and can therefore be used legally in French traffic in the throttled version.

  This is an extremely powerful electric scooter, always wear appropriate protective equipment such as a helmet and protectors! No use under the age of 16.
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