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USED - SXT Light Plus / Facelift - black
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Weight: 13 kg
879.00 €
The scooter comes from a customer return and is in good technical and optical condition.

The offered vehicle knows traces of use.

Differences / optimizations SXT light Plus to the predecessor model SXT light:
  •      Optimized braking distance of only 6m (at 74 kg and 24 km / h)
  •      Rubber wheels instead of PU (optimal gentle driving and rolling behavior even in wet conditions)
  •      optimized control unit with soft starting and braking
  •      more exact indication of the remaining state of charge
  •      LCD color display
  •      closed corners on the running board
  •      new water-protected & even more durable charging socket
  •      Stainless screws on engine mounting
  •      Inspection opening behind control unit for easier removal and maintenance if necessary
  •      5mm larger opening under footboard - more space for optional battery upgrade with more capacity

Short overview technical data & features:

Weight (incl. battery)                       11 kg
Battery type                                        Li-Po (Lithiumpolymer) 33V  214,5Wh (6,5 Ah)
Charging time                                  1,5 - 2 h (with 3,5 A charger included)
Operating costs per 1.000 km       unbelievable 1,50 EUR
max. speed                                        up to 30 km/h (can be limited to 12km/h, 20 km/h and 25 km/h)
KERS Technology                             yes (Kinectic Energy Recovering System - known from Formula 1)
Control                                                UBHI - UNIBLOCK HUMAN INTERFACE (patented)
Cruise control                                    yes
Kick-Start function                             yes
Power                                                  500 Watt max.
Climbing slope                                  up to 25°
Engine type                                        brushless DC hub motor
Range                                                 up to 35 km (at constant speed of 20 km/h with 70 kg payload)
max. Payload                                     max. 125 kg
Material                                               6061 T6 Aluminium
Lightning                                            Front light High Power LED CPU controlled & brightness sensor, rear LED
Brake light                                          yes
Power transmission                        Hub motor
Suspension                                       front and rear suspension
Brakes                                                Dual Brake System (electro-magnetic front, footbrake rear)
Length, width, height (folded)        94,5 cm x 30 cm x 13,5 cm
Length, width, height (unfolded)   94 cm x 13,5 cm x 116 cm
Tires                                                   Rubber tires at front & PU-tires at the rear side
EU - street legal                               no
Items delivered                                 electric scooter, battery charger, user manual

IMPORTANT NOTE!!! The SXT light Plus model is not allowed to be used under road traffic licensing regulations.

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