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USED - SXT Buddy V2- white
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The SXT Buddy V2 comes from a customer return and is in a technically, as well as visually good condition. The low level of wear varies from model to model of our used products.
  • optimized engine power to now max. 650 watts
  • increased max. Speed ​​at 35 km / h
  • standard 10.4 Ah battery with LG brand cells installed
  • now with two mechanical brakes (low-wear drum brakes)
  • improved taillight
  • now with kickstand
  • two-piece rims or engine for easier tire change
  • optimized watertightness of the battery compartment
  • Tire upgrade to CST tires
  • optimized valve position with rear 90 ° and front 30 ° angled valve
  • Optimized control unit and driving performance
  • The difference of the SXT Buddy V2 to many other compact electric scooters from our range lies in the 8.5 inch tires which ensure very comfortable and comfortable driving characteristics. The air-filled tires with hose dampen many small bumps completely, which means that much less vibration is transmitted to the scooter and thus the driver.

The drum brakes front and rear are operated with Tektro brake levers mounted on the handlebar left and right and are due to their structure extremely low maintenance and very durable. The operation and acceleration is done on the right handlebar grip with the control unit including thumb throttle. The SXT Buddy V2 has 3 speed steps with which the speed can be adjusted to 15, 25 and up to max. Via the + and - buttons on the control unit. 35 km / h can be adjusted. In order not to have to press the thumb throttle grip on longer distances without interruption, the electric scooter also has an integrated cruise control which can be activated or deactivated via the menu as desired.

The built-in engine in the vehicle is a brushless, maintenance-free hub motor with a capacity of max. 650W. The power is supplied by a 36V Lithium Ion battery with a capacity of 10.4 Ah which corresponds to 374 Wh and consists of 18650 brand cells from LG. The charging time of the battery with the supplied charger is approximately 6 hours when the battery is completely empty. The max. Range at a payload of 75 kg at a temperature of 25 ° C and ride on a level track is up to 40 km.

To prevent accidental starting, the SXT Buddy V2 has a so-called kick-start mode which means that the scooter must be kicked to the first few meters be kicked before the throttle handle works - this to relieve the engine when starting and as already mentioned prevent inadvertent approach.

The foldable vehicle frame is made of high-quality 6061 T6 aluminum with a total vehicle weight of 13.7 kg - light enough to accept the electric scooter almost everywhere. The ultra-stable aluminum frame allows a max. Load of up to 120 kg. Illuminated is the scooter front and rear with LED lights that can be activated via the control unit.

WATCH OUT!!! The model SXT Buddy V2 is not allowed in the area of ​​the StVZO.

The image of the used vehicle is a sample photo, which does not always show exactly and in all details the vehicle that is also delivered. Our used and returns are on the whole all similar. You may have the usual signs of use such as scratches caused by the assembly or on the bottom and on the running board, dirt in the mudguards and the bottom, etc. have. Technically, all vehicles are 100% okay
The degree / degree of wear is always somewhat dependent on the performance of the offered vehicles - this is usually from just a few kilometers, up to an average of 50 km. These traces are compensated by the granted discount! If you are not aware of this and ready to accept it, we advise you to buy a new vehicle.
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suitable for the model SXT Buddy V2 & SXT Buddy V2 - eKFV version
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suitable for the model SXT Buddy V2 eKFV & SXT Buddy PRO eKFV
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