SECOND HAND - SXT Ultimate PRO - 3rd generation
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The SXT Ultimate Pro comes from a customer return and is in good technical and optical condition.

Fastest compact escooter in the world! The SXT Ultimate PRO is a true racing machine with - CAUTION - extreme motorization!
To anticipate - the SXT Ultimate PRO is completely overpowered, not designed to set reach records despite the huge battery, does not use the tires sparingly, relatively heavy for its dimensions, will never get street legal in this configuration, and the ECO button is more to get there without spinning tires to save energy. Now the question arises - why buy something like that? There is only one reason - ADRENALIN & BECAUSE THIS MONSTER IS DAMNING FUN!

Only flying is more beautiful ... The model is powered by 2 brushless hub motors with a nominal output of 800W each, for a total of 1,600W. The maximum engine power is incredible & incredible 2,640 W. This unbridled force catapults the electric scooter up to 65 km / h top speed, which is why we strongly recommend never to drive without proper protective equipment and helmet. The hub motor in the front wheel can be deactivated by pressing a button, so that the scooter runs only with rear-wheel drive and thus consumes only half of the energy and the range increases accordingly. In addition, the engine power can be limited by the ECO button which also reduces the final speed to "only" 52 km / h. Taking full advantage of the engine's power, the SXT Ultimate Pro makes it easy to climb up to 15 ° (equivalent to 26.3%).

Product updates August 2019:
  • fully hydraulic 160 mm disc brake system from NUTT
  • Alarm system including radio remote control and immobilizer
  • LED lighting front & rear
  • Upgrade to 31.4mm mountain bike handlebars
  • individually adjustable air suspension from KS front and rear

This extreme engine power is powered by a 60V 18.2 Ah (1092 Wh) lithium-ion lithium battery. Due to too many factors, it is not possible to make an exact statement about the range in full load mode - but this is about 25 km. In the Eco mode and driven with only one engine, the range increases due to halved consumption to about 45-50 km. The charging time is about 8-9 hours with the included 2A charger. However, the escooter has a second charging socket to which an optional additional charger can be connected, which halves the charging time accordingly.

The SXT Ultimate PRO is equipped with 140mm disc brakes on the front and rear axles. For those who are not satisfied with this, we also offer hydraulic brake calipers in the accessories area as an option to further increase the braking performance.

The wheels of the SXT Ultimate PRO are reliable 10-inch pneumatic tires with CST hose mounted on two-piece aluminum rims to make a tire and possible hose change as quick and easy as possible. For a safe road holding provided on both sides shock absorbers at the rear and a fork on the front axle.

The throttle grip consists of a finger grip with integrated LCD display showing the current speed, daily and total kilometers, driving time and the current state of charge of the battery in the bar graph and the current voltage of the battery in volts. For charging mobile devices, there is also a USB charging socket underneath the LCD display. For those who prefer to use a thumb throttle, we also offer one in the accessory area.

The weight is 31.3 kg including battery. The maximum payload in this model is 120 kg and the handlebar is folded down by folding mechanism, so that this electric scooter, for. can be easily transported in the trunk of a car or mobile home.
WATCH OUT!!! The SXT Ultimate PRO model is not approved in the area of the StVZO.

This is an extremely powerful motorized electric scooter, always wear suitable protective equipment such as a helmet and protectors! No use under 16 years.

The illustration of the used vehicle is a sample photo, which does not always show in exactly the same detail and in all details the vehicle that is delivered. Our used and returns are on the whole all similar. You may have the usual signs of use such as scratches caused by the assembly or on the bottom and on the running board, dirt in the mudguards and the bottom, etc. have. Technically, all vehicles are 100% okay
The degree / degree of wear is always somewhat dependent on the performance of the offered vehicles - this is usually from just a few kilometers, up to an average of 50 km. These traces are compensated by the granted discount! If you are not aware of this and willing to accept it, we advise you to buy a new vehicle.

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