Battery 48V 20Ah LiFePo4 (Lithium)
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The LiFePo4 battery has a voltage of 48V and a capacity of 20Ah. Compared to standard lead-acid batteries the Lithium battery does have lots of advantages. For example the weight - its just approx 50% of a lead-acid battery, also the capacity with 20Ah is much more than the capacity of normal lead-acid batteries with just 12Ah which results in a much longer total range of the scooter. By using standard lead-acid batteries the total distance with our SXT1000 XL EEC model is about 25 km - this can be increased up to 40 km by switching to Lithium batteries.

Many people might now think all sounds good but Lithium batteries are incredibly expensive and are scared to buy one - we need to tell you that the LiFePo4 battery technology is just a lot more expensive when not looking at the details. As soon as you go into the details you need to compare also the number of possible loading cycles & their capacity with each other. The standard lead acid battery does allow approx 250 loading cycles (number of times that battery can be recharged until battery has to be replaced by a new one). A LiFePo4 Lithium battery does allow approx. 1.200 loading cycles - if you now compare those details the result will be as follows:

Lead-Acid battery:
250 loading cycles x 25 km distance = 6.250 km total distance over battery lifetime

Lithium battery:
1.200 loading cycles x 40 km distance = 48.000 km total distance over battery lifetime

ATTENTION: Please note that connecting the battery to your scooter may require a different plug connection than the one shown in the photos. An adapter cable/plug may be required for this.

Now lets compare these results with each other - 48.000 : 6.250 = 7,68 times more output from Lithium battery compared to the lead-acid one by just having 3 1/2 times higher price which makes clear that over their whole liftetime the LiFePo4 battery is much more efficient & cheaper than the Lead-Acid ones.

Product update 2016:
This battery block is now built in a luxury aluminum case. The big advantage of our brand new aluminum case is the easy access to all built in components such as the BMS which easily can be checked in case of failures. The new battery case also has a 25 pin D-Sub connector by which each single cell can be accessed & measured. In case of unbalanced cells the whole battery pack can also be balanced by using our special lithium balancing chargers in order to gurantuee longest possible lifetime and performance.

Article details:

  • Lithium battery pack with internal BMS
  • sizes: 296 x 194 x 110 mm (LxWxH)
  • weight: 9,91 kg
  • fits on our electric scooter models SXT1000 XL & SXT1000 XL EEC
  • Voltage 48 Volt
  • Capacity 20Ah
  • maximum discharge current 30A
  • LifePo4 technology
  • 48V  x 20Ah = 960 Wh battery capacity.

Please note! Our LiFePo4 batteries cannot be charged by using the standard charging socket at your scooters frame. The reason for that is the controller unit, which cannot be used to charge LiFePo4 batteries. The battery pack has to be simply connected directly with the LiFePo4 charger which is coming together with the battery. The required socket and everything is already assembled at the battery pack itself. This means all you need comes with the battery and charging process is as simple as before just a bit different than it used to be.

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