SECOND HAND - SXT Buddy V2 - eKFV Version - black
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The scooter comes from a customer return and is in good technical and optical condition.

Differences between the so-called "eKFV model" and the standard model:

  • certified lighting system front and rear
  • Max. Speed ​​of 20 km/h
  • Delivery including general operating permit (ABE)
  • License plate holder in the back
In addition to the two extremely durable drum brakes at the front and rear, the SXT Buddy V2 - eKFV are made up of 8.5-inch pneumatic tires, which ensure an extremely stable, quiet and safe driving experience. The high-quality aluminum frame with its slim line attracts attention - we mean rightly! Thanks to its large lithium battery with LG brand cells and 374.4 Wh capacity, the SXT Buddy V2 - eKFV ensures a lot of driving fun over a distance of up to 40 km.


According to current surveys and studies, we assume extremely high demand for the new STVO-compliant models, which is why we strongly advise you to pre-order the desired models in good time.

Caution! Minimum age 14 years - no helmet, no driver's license.

Note for customers from Switzerland and Austria: This scooter model is also within the legally prescribed values ​​in these two countries, i.e. may also be legally operated there in road traffic (in this case without a license).

The illustration of the used vehicle is a sample photo, which does not always show in exactly the same detail and in all details the vehicle that is delivered. Our used and returns are on the whole all similar. You may have the usual signs of use such as scratches caused by the assembly or on the bottom and on the running board, dirt in the mudguards and the bottom, etc. have. Technically, all vehicles are 100% okay
The degree / degree of wear is always somewhat dependent on the performance of the offered vehicles - this is usually from just a few kilometers, up to an average of 50 km. These traces are compensated by the granted discount! If you are not aware of this and willing to accept it, we advise you to buy a new vehicle.

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