On-board computer with throttle 60V
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  • LCD display with integrated throttle
  • The following variants are available:
  1. Old on-board computer - suitable for the models SXT Ultimate Pro (1st + 2nd generation) and SXT Ultimate Pro + (1st generation)
  2. New on-board computer - suitable for the models SXT Ultimate Pro (3rd generation), SXT Ultimate Pro + (2nd generation) and SXT Ultimate LITE
  • Including cable and connection
  • Dimensions (old on-board computer): 110 x 100 x 50 (width x height x depth)
  • Dimensions (new on-board computer): 125 x 110 x 35 (width x height x depth)
  • Operating voltage: 60V
Very poor quality! The one that came OEM with my scooter had a throttle malfunction. It didn't return to initial position itself (very dangerous). I ordered the new one as a replacement. But it just doesn't turn on. It simply doesn't work. I sent two emails and didn't get a reply. Very poor service. Also, the item was sent to me without the cable and even a screw. I didn't need them, but i'm just telling that you will receive only the controller without cables and screws.
Brake system suitable for various vehicles
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suitable for the SXT Ultimate Pro & SXT Ultimate LITE
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suitable for the SXT Monster
21,50 * *

fits on model SXT 500 EEC - Facelift
78,50 * *

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