Hydraulic disc brake set front + rear wheel
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  • Hydraulic disc brake set front + rear wheel
  • Article contains the following components:
  1. 2 finger brake handles (right and left side)
  2. Hydraulic 1-cylinder brake calipers including brake pads and hydraulic lines (front and rear)
  3. Brake discs 140mm diameter (front and rear)
  • This brake system is suitable for the use of various escooters or bicycles, etc.
  • IMPORTANT! Please note:
  1. required length of the brake line
  2. Size or arrangement of the brake disc (3-hole or 5-hole screw connection & bolt circle diameter)
  3. Plug connection of the brake levers
  • Dimensions brake caliper: 8,5 x 5,5 x 4,0 cm (length x width x depth)
  • Brake handle dimensions:
  1. Length: 25,5 cm
  2. Width: 3,6 cm
  3. Handlebar bracket inner diameter: Ø 22 mm
  • Brake line length:
  1. Front: 120,0 cm
  2. Rear: 200,0 cm
  • Dimensions brake disc (3-hole):
  1. Inside diameter: Ø 30 mm
  2. Outer diameter: Ø 140 mm
  3. Pitch circle diameter: Ø 42mm
  4. Thickness: 2 mm
  • NOTE: The article can partly also be mounted on vehicles or scooter models that have a different size or a different diameter of the brake disc (e.g. SXT Ultimate Pro).
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fits on model SXT 500EEC, SXT 500EEC - Facelift, SXT H800EEC, SXT 1000XLEEC & SXT 1000XLEEC - Facelift
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fits on model SXT 500EEC, SXT 1000XLEEC, SXT 1000 Turbo, SXT 1600XL
21,- * *

suitable for various vehicles
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fits on model SXT 1000XLEEC, SXT 1000XLEEC - Facelift, SXT 1000 Turbo, SXT 500EEC, SXT 500EEC - Facelift, SXT 1600XL, SXT Monster
9,50 * *

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