SXT Ultimate PRO Escooter 2 x 1.320 W Dual Drive 65 km/h
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Fastest compact escooter of the world! The SXT Ultimate PRO is a true racing machine with - CAUTION - extreme motor power!
The SXT Ultimate PRO is completely over-powered, not designed to build range records in spite of a huge battery, is not economical with the tires, its dimensions are relatively heavy, this configuration never gets a road approval, and the ECO button also there to avoid wheel spin when accelerating instead of having a really economic  energy consumption. Now the question arises - why buy something like that? There is only one reason - ADRENALIN & WEIL THIS MONSTER DAMNS FUN! There are 3 speed modes possible to set at the display. 1st gear limits the speed to approx. 20 kmh, 2nd gear limits it to approx. 40 kmh and 3rd gear allows max speed.
Only a fly is more beautiful ... the model is driven by 2 brushless hub motors with a rated power of 800W each, thus a total of 1,600W. The maximum engine power is a staggering 2,640 W. This unrivaled power catapults the electric scooter up to 65 km / h top speed, which is why we strongly recommend never driving without suitable protective equipment and a helmet. The hub motor in the front wheel can be deactivated at the push of a button so that the scooter only runs with a rear wheel drive and thus consumes only half of the energy and the range increases correspondingly. In addition, the engine power can be limited by the ECO button, which also reduces the final speed to "only" 52 km / h. When using the entire engine power, the SXT Ultimate Pro easily drives slopes of up to 15 ° (equivalent to 26.3%)
This extreme motor power is fed by a 60V 18.2 Ah (1092 Wh) Li-Ion lithium battery. About the range in the full load mode- it cannot be made an exact statement due to too many factors - but this is about 25 km. In eco mode and with only one engine driven the range increases due to halved consumption to approximately 45-50 km. The charging time is approximately 8-9 hours with the supplied 2A charger. However, the Escooter has a second charging socket to which an optional extra charging device can be connected, which halves the charging time accordingly.
The SXT Ultimate PRO is equipped with 140mm hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear axle. Additionally this model is equipped with an electric brake at the rear side to increase the braking force to a maximum.
The wheels of the SXT Ultimate PRO are reliable 10-inch CST air tires with tubing mounted on two-piece aluminum rims to make a tire and possibly hose change as easy and fast as possible. For a safe and comfortable driving behavior, we decided for shock absorbers on both sides at the rear as well as a suspension fork at the front axle.
The throttle grip consists of a finger grip with integrated LCD display which shows the current speed, daily and total kilometers, travel time as well as the current charge status of the battery in the bar graph and the current voltage of the battery in volts. For charging mobile devices, a USB charging jack is located below the LCD display.
The weight is 31.3 kg including battery. The maximum load on this model is 120 kg, and the steering rod can be folded down by a folding mechanism, so that this electric scooter can also be easily transported in the trunk of a car or mobile home for example.

IMPORTANT NOTE!!! The SXT Ultimate PRO model is not allowed to be used under road traffic licensing regulations.

 This is an EXTREMELY POWERFUL electric scooter - always wear protective gear and helmet when using it!!! Not for use below 16 years.
Max. range (in km - at 22°C with 70 kg payload)
Max. speed (in km/h)
Max. motor power (in watts)
Type of drive
Brushless hub motor
Max. payload (in kg)
Max. climbing slope (in degrees)
Length, width, height (in cm)
122 x 61 x 120
Length, width, height / folded (in cm)
126 x 61 x 44
Weight (battery incl.) in kg
Operating voltage (in volts)
Battery capacity in Ah
Battery capacity in Wh
Battery type
Battery removable for charging
Max. Charging time (in hours)
Front fork, 2 rear shock absorbers
Brake system
Disc brakes front and rear
10 inch CST pneumatic tire with tube
Vehicle frame
Ultrastrong 6061 T6 aluminum frame
Handlebar height (in cm)
Wheelbase (in cm)
Ground clearance (in cm)
Scope of delivery
Electric scooter, charger, manual
Mobile Application (APP)
USB charging socket

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Amazing Scooter from Sxt yet again . Its fast its fun its one of the best performance scooters you can buy . Highly recommended . From Muckandfun in Ireland . Keep up the good work @ Sxt
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SXT Ultimate PRO Escooter 2 x 1.320 W Dual Drive 65 km/h - FAQs

Brake pads wear out during use. All disc brakes always have an inner and an outer brake pad. The inner one (towards the wheel) is always fixed, while the outer one can move back and forth. After a certain time, the inner lining must therefore be readjusted and slightly adjusted towards the brake disc in order to ensure an even and safe braking process again. To do this, readjust the large adjusting screw on the inside of the brake calliper accordingly. It is also possible that the brake pads have reached their run-off / wear limit and need to be replaced with new ones. On vehicles with drum brakes, you can readjust them using the Bowden cable and the locking screw.
As a rule, the fault here is that a plug is loose somewhere or that it fails due to a loose connection. Something small that is preventing the scooter from flowing electricity in all the major parts. For example, it can also be due to a missing blade fuse / not activated main fuse. The scooter is activated, i.e. the front light lights up, the LEDs light up but the engine does not turn: 1. The side stand must be raised for the throttle to work. 2. The plug connections on the control unit must be checked here. Unplug individually and reconnect. Also check the wiring from the throttle grip - this is the cable from the throttle grip come follow and check.
Please adjust the brake calipers using the two adjusting screws. This is a normal process in the course of wear.
Readjust the steering head bearing.
If the control units are without power for a longer period of time, as is the case during storage or, for example, during winter storage with removed fuses, they can lose the stored direction of rotation. In this case, the yellow "teach-in cable" on the control unit must be connected and disconnected until the direction of rotation is correct. If this is correct, disconnect the cables again after 10 seconds and the correct direction of rotation is stored again.
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