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SXT MAX - eKFV Version - street-legal
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If you are looking for a super stable and ultra-resistant electric scooter, you can look forward to it now - we present our SXT MAX, designed and approved according to the new eKFV (Elektrokleinstfahrzeugverordnung). The vehicle is certainly already visually very familiar - that's right because this is the consumer version of one of the world's most successful sharing scooter models, the one many well-known current rental and sharing service providers worldwide u.a. also successfully use in Germany - and there it is not just any of, but probably the most stable, durable and resistant model on the market at the moment.

As required by the eKFV, the SXT MAX has two independent brakes - int his case two drum brakes combined with an electromagnetic one on the front axle, which feeds the recovered braking energy back into the battery. Of course, the lighting in conjunction with the front, rear and side reflectors also corresponds to the new German regulation. The max. speed ​​is the legally limited and electronically sealed maximum speed of 20 km/h.

The drive consists of a brushless hub motor with a nominal power of 350W which is supplied with the necessary energy by a 36V very high-range 12.8 Ah (460.8 Wh) lithium battery. The very large battery capacity is sufficient for distances of about 40 km without having to recharge the battery in the meantime. The included charger charges the battery with 2A in about 6 hours. The built-in solid rubber tires guarantee excellent grip and the wheel size of 10 inches standing at the same time for very good driving dynamics. Flat tires due to defective hoses are also a thing of the past with the solid rubber tires used.

The frame of the SXT MAX is made of a high-strength aluminum alloy and is foldable at the handlebar compared to the sharing version, so that it can also be conveniently transported in the trunk of the car or can be folded to save space in the bus and train. The total weight is due to the very robust and resistant construction 23 kg including battery pack. The built-in control unit is IP67 protected against dust and water, the built-in battery according to IP54 dust and water protected.

Attention! Minimum age 14 years - no helmet required, no license required.

Note for customers from Switzerland and Austria: This scooter model is also within the legal requirements in these two countries, ie. may also legally operated there in road traffic (in this case, registration-free).

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Street-legal model and approved and certified according to the new German eKFV - 20 km/h max. speed
1.099,00 € 949,- * *

Street-legal model and approved and certified according to the new German eKFV - 20 km/h max. speed
999,- * *

Street-legal model and approved and certified according to the new German eKFV - 20 km/h max. speed
1.099,00 € 949,- * *

suitable for the model SXT MAX
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suitable for the model SXT MAX
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SXT MAX - eKFV Version - street-legal - FAQs

Brake pads wear out during use. All disc brakes always have an inner and an outer brake pad. The inner one (towards the wheel) is always fixed, while the outer one can move back and forth. After a certain time, the inner lining must therefore be readjusted and slightly adjusted towards the brake disc in order to ensure an even and safe braking process again. To do this, readjust the large adjusting screw on the inside of the brake calliper accordingly. It is also possible that the brake pads have reached their run-off / wear limit and need to be replaced with new ones. On vehicles with drum brakes, you can readjust them using the Bowden cable and the locking screw.
As a rule, the fault here is that a plug is loose somewhere or that it fails due to a loose connection. Something small that is preventing the scooter from flowing electricity in all the major parts. For example, it can also be due to a missing blade fuse / not activated main fuse. The scooter is activated, i.e. the front light lights up, the LEDs light up but the engine does not turn: 1. The side stand must be raised for the throttle to work. 2. The plug connections on the control unit must be checked here. Unplug individually and reconnect. Also check the wiring from the throttle grip - this is the cable from the throttle grip come follow and check.
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