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SXT1000 Turbo electric scooter
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You are asking yourself - Aren't all escooters the same?!... No, they are not!

SXT Scooters are different. Due to their lightweight structure of 45 kg only they can be taken with you nearly everywhere. If you want to take them with you on the bus, train, camper or on  your boat, is not a problem! SXT Scooters can be taken almost to any place you want to because there will always be some space for the folded scooter which is quite small and compact. The scooter frame is made out of high quality steel that make the scooter very stable and warp resistant. An additional reason why SXT Scooters are ultra-compact is that contrary to many other scooters the handle bar can be folded down easily just by unlocking the folding lever and folding down the handle bar. When being folded down the handle bar gets locked and can be used to carry the scooter from A to B or to the boot of your car for example. Unfolding of the scooter is equally easy and within a few seconds your SXT scooter is ready to go. At the side of the body you'll find a kickstand for a comfortable storage when being unused.

The speed of our SXT1000 Turbo can be technically limited to a max. speed of 20 km/h. This has a positive effect in regards to the approval in road traffic in some countries, so that this model with the reduced 20 km/h max. speed in some countries is treated equal to a bicycle and therefore allowed to operate legally and without authorization. Please check the applicable legal regulations in your country accordingly.

In the Power supply of the electric scooter you have the choice between the standard big Lead acid 36V battery pack with 12Ah and a range of 16 km, the 36V 20Ah LiFePo4 (Lithium) battery with a range of 40 km, and the 36V 30Ah Li-Ion (Lithium) battery with a range of 60 km.

Compared to standard lead-acid batteries the Lithium battery does have lots of advantages. For example the weight - its just approx 50% of a lead-acid battery, also the capacity with 20Ah / 30Ah is much more than the capacity of normal lead-acid batteries with just 12Ah which results in a much longer total range of the scooter.

Many people might now think all sounds good but Lithium batteries are incredibly expensive and are scared to buy one - we need to tell you that the lithium battery technology is just a lot more expensive when not looking at the details. As soon as you go into the details you need to compare also the number of possible loading cycles & their capacity with each other. The standard lead acid battery does allow approx 250 loading cycles (number of times that battery can be recharged until battery has to be replaced by a new one). A Lithium battery does allow approx. 1.500 loading cycles - if you now compare those details the result will be as follows:

Lead-Acid battery 12Ah:
250 loading cycles x 20 km distance = 5.000 km total distance over battery lifetime

Lithium LiFePo4 battery 20Ah:
1.200 loading cycles x 40 km distance = 48.000 km total distance over battery lifetime

Lithium Li-Ion battery 30Ah:
1.500 loading cycles x 60 km distance = 90.000 km total distance over battery lifetime

Now lets compare these results with each other - 48.000 : 5.000 = 9,6 times more output from LiFePo4 battery compared to the lead-acid one by just having 3 1/2 times higher price which makes clear that over their whole liftetime the Liithium battery is much more efficient & cheaper than the Lead-Acid ones. The result is even more evident if you compare the Li-Ion battery.

Another chief attraction is a removable saddle of SXT scooters. The saddle can be removed just within seconds which allows you to ride the scooter with or without it.

What about the driving comfort?! The SXT Scooters' saddle is human-engineered and in comparison with many other scooters it has a wider and much more comfortable seating area in order to guarantee comfortable long distance rides. SXT scooters are also equipped with three shock absorbers – one located in the front and two at the backside of the scooter. Thanks to the air inflated tires the driving comfort is really superior and it doesn’t really differ from a "normal" scooter. Even when you drive at a higher speed SXT scooter always feels safe and comfortable.

Each SXT 1000 Turbo model has a lightening system with low power consumption LEDs (light-emitting diodes). The front light is assembled at the handle bar tube, the back and brake lights can be found at the rear mudguard. Lifetime of a LED is up to 10.000 hours and they do have extremely low power consumption.

To all who are afraid of falling to the side when driving – don’t worry about this! The SXT scooters battery is assembled inside the lowest point of the body meaning that the scooters do have a super low balance point which makes falling over nearly impossible and also supports and guarantees best possible driving comfort.

The brakes of the SXT 1000 Turbo model are disc brakes at the front and backside of the scooter. All needed parts for maintenance of the break system are available as separate spare parts of course. In order to let other people recognize that you are to stop or get slower there is also a brake light included in the rear LED of the scooter.

Breaking force of both disc brakes can be adjusted individually at the break lever at the handle bar. In order to guarantee the best possible effectiveness and also to avoid overheating of the discs they are slotted. The whole break system consists out of high quality components only to assure high safety standard and trustworthiness when using the brakes.

SXT e-scooters are accelerated in the same way as every other scooter or motorcycle by using the throttle at the right-hand side of the handle bar. Also at the handle bar there is a starter lock to protect the scooter from being used from non-authorized people. The start lock has two possible positions - when turned to mode I, the scooter is ready to drive - when turned to mode II, the lights at the front & back are also activated - exactly the same way as it works on motorcycles.

At the right hand side of the handle bar there is a Turbo- / ECO mode button. This button works as follows: when being activated the max. engine output is limited to approximately 650 Watt, which lets the scooter go slower but more economically in regards of the total range you can go with the Li-Ion battery up to 70 km. When the ECO button is not activated the scooter goes with the full power of 1280 Watt engine input power and the maximum distance is up to 60 km, but with a maximum speed of approx. 32 km/h.

The battery of SXT scooters are loaded by the standard charger that you will get along with your delivery - it looks similar to a notebook charger. At the right side of the scooter lower body there is a charging plug that has to be connected with the charger, which means you do not have to remove batteries nor have you to unplug them to be able to reload them. As soon as the LED at the loading control built in the charger changes to green, the batteries are fully loaded and the scooter is ready for the next run.

Charge level indication while driving works as follows: at the right side of the handle bar and above the Turbo- / ECO mode button there are three coloured LEDs which display the current charge level of the scooter's battery.

The Scooter also has a so called "Click & Lock" saddle bracket system, which allows the user to remove and put back the saddle easily and fast.  Locking takes place by means of foot lever.
IMPORTANT NOTE!!! SXT 1000 Turbo model is not allowed to be used under road traffic licensing regulations

Max. speed (in km/h)
Max. motor power (in watts)
Type of drive
Max. payload (in kg)
Length, width, height (in cm)
127 x 73 x 110
Length, width, height / folded (in cm)
127 x 73 x 60
Operating voltage (in volts)
Battery removable for charging
Rotary throttle
white / black
Shock absorbers front + rear
Brake system
disc brakes
Ø 26 cm / width 8 cm
Vehicle frame
Handlebar height (in cm)
Seat height (in cm)
Wheelbase (in cm)
Ground clearance (in cm)
Operating costs per 100 km
only 0,50 EUR!!!
Scope of delivery
Electric scooter, charger, manual, tool set
Lighting system
LED front and rear
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suitable for model SXT 500EEC, SXT 1000 Turbo, SXT 500EEC - Facelift, SXT 1000XL EEC, SXT 1000XL EEC - Facelift, SXT 1600XL
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suitable for model SXT H800, SXT H800EEC, SXT 1600XL, SXT 1000XLEEC, SXT 1000XLEEC - Facelift, SXT 500 EEC - Facelift & SXT 71cc
35,- * *

fits on Model SXT1000 Turbo
54,99 * *

fits on various scooter models
18,- * *

suitable for model SXT 500EEC, SXT 1000 Turbo, SXT 500EEC - Facelift, SXT 1000XL EEC, SXT 1000XL EEC - Facelift, SXT 1600XL
15,50 * *

fits on model SXT 1000XLEEC, SXT 500EEC, SXT 1000 Turbo, SXT 1600XL
24,50 * *

fits on various scooter models and bikes
32,50 * *

fits on various scooter models and bikes
8,- * *

suitable for a thick chain with 10 mm width (type T8F)
10,50 * *

suitable for a thick chain with 10 mm width (type T8F)
12,- * *

fits on model SXT1000 - Generation 2.0
10,50 * *

suitable for the model SXT 300
36,- * *

suitable for scooters with round brake pads
14,- * *

SXT1000 Turbo electric scooter - FAQs

Brake pads wear out during use. All disc brakes always have an inner and an outer brake pad. The inner one (towards the wheel) is always fixed, while the outer one can move back and forth. After a certain time, the inner lining must therefore be readjusted and slightly adjusted towards the brake disc in order to ensure an even and safe braking process again. To do this, readjust the large adjusting screw on the inside of the brake calliper accordingly. It is also possible that the brake pads have reached their run-off / wear limit and need to be replaced with new ones. On vehicles with drum brakes, you can readjust them using the Bowden cable and the locking screw.
For safety reasons, the lithium batteries in this model can only be charged directly on the connection cable on the battery itself. The charging socket on the side of the vehicle frame does not work in conjunction with our lithium batteries.
Charging only works if the fuse is correctly inserted in the fuse holder on the cabling of the battery. Another reason can be incorrect and / or interrupted cabling between the individual battery cells.
As a rule, the fault here is that a plug is loose somewhere or that it fails due to a loose connection. Something small that is preventing the scooter from flowing electricity in all the major parts. For example, it can also be due to a missing blade fuse / not activated main fuse. The scooter is activated, i.e. the front light lights up, the LEDs light up but the engine does not turn: 1. The side stand must be raised for the throttle to work. 2. The plug connections on the control unit must be checked here. Unplug individually and reconnect. Also check the wiring from the throttle grip - this is the cable from the throttle grip come follow and check.
The durability of the batteries is highly dependent on the care and maintenance as well as the type of battery per se. The life time of a battery is not indicated in months or years but in number of charging cycles. Lead-acid batteries usually have a life span of about 200-250 charge cycles. Lithium batteries depends on the lithium type (LiFePo4 or Li (NiCoMn) O2) have a life expectancy of 1200-1800 charging cycles and are therefore when compared properly over the lifetime even the cheaper battery type and not just more expensive than lead-acid batteries as many believe.
Please adjust the brake calipers using the two adjusting screws. This is a normal process in the course of wear.
In this case your ignition lock is defective; this has the function of giving the control unit the “command” to switch the scooter off or on. Please replace the ignition lock or contact our customer service.
The rims can be divided into two parts. Please remove the necessary screws and take one part to the left and the other to the right in order to be able to change the tire quickly and easily. When assembling the rim/s, please pay attention to fixing points, such as valve recesses.
First make sure that the saddle is firmly mounted on the seat post. Also make sure that the quick-release for adjusting the saddle height is also firmly tightened. Press the release lever with one foot and turn the top of the saddle to the left and right with both hands and pull it out upwards together with the seat post.
Readjust the steering head bearing.
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