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SXT Gekko V3
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Weight: 95 kg

SXT Gekko V3 - the new star on SXT Scooters electric scooter sky. The new member of our scooter family has a lot to offer. In addition to the new design, the new LED front light with its futuristic design immediately catches the eye. A large, easy-to-read LCD on which the current speed level, battery charge status, speed, mileage, etc. can be read, a comfortable seat which offers space for drivers and passengers with a payload of max. 150 kg, further up to also futuristic designed LED tail light including turn signals.

In addition to these external values, the Gekko V3 also has a lot to offer technically. The vehicle has the so-called Keyless-Go function. The scooter detects when the driver approaches with the key in his pocket and can be activated by pressing a button without having to insert the key into the ignition lock. The whole works the other way round, too. If you leave the vehicle for more than approx. 3m, this automatically deactivates and switches to a lock mode. The SXT Gekko V3 also has an alarm system and immobilizer which is activated simultaneously and automatically when leaving the vehicle by the Keyless-Go technology. As an option, we have fitted the new scooter with a USB charging socket for mobile devices.

The power supply of the 48V system is handled by a 28 Ah lithium ion battery pack which, if desired, can be quickly and easily removed from under the seat on the handle and be externally charged. The charging time with the supplied charger is about 6 hours. The brushless hub motor built into the rear wheel with a torque of 80 Nm accelerates the vehicle to its max. speed ​​of 45 km/h with a max. power of 2000W. The electric scooter has 2 different speed levels to save energy in ECO mode with reduced power and to reach the maximum range of up to 50 km.

The max. speed ​​of the vehicle can be also technically throttled to 25 km/h in order to use it for example in Germany requiring the mofa driving license / test certificate. The brake system of the SXT Gekko V3 consists of a front hydraulic disc brake system and a drum brake on the rear wheel.

IMPORTANT: This scooter model is EEC certified meaning street-legal in whole Europe. Inside Germany there is a driving license required - from 16 years with driving license class A1, M; from 18 years with each driving license of classes 1a, 1, 2, 3, A, B or C. Should you be located outside Germany please check your national rules and regulations in regards to required driving licenses.

The delivery of this escooter model arrives 100% fully built up and ready to drive.
Max. range (in km - at 22°C with 70 kg payload)
Max. speed (in km/h)
Speeds / gears
Speed limit
Max. motor power (in watts)
max. Torque (in Nm)
≥ 80 N.m.
Type of drive
Brushless hub motor
Max. payload (in kg)
Max. climbing slope (in degrees)
Length, width, height (in cm)
169,5 x 68 x 125,5 (145 height with mirrors)
Weight (battery incl.) in kg
Battery weight (in kg)
Operating voltage (in volts)
Battery capacity in Ah
Battery capacity in Wh
Battery type
Battery removable for charging
Cell type
type 18650
Max. Charging time (in hours)
Max. charging cycles
Alarm system
hydraulic front , suspension rear
Brake system
disc brake front - drum brakes rear
10 inch (2.15-10)
Vehicle frame
steel-frame powder coated
Handlebar height (in cm)
Seat height (in cm)
Wheelbase (in cm)
Scope of delivery
Escooter, 5A charger, manual
USB charging socket
Lighting system
LED front and rear

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SXT Gekko V3 - FAQs

Brake pads wear out during use. All disc brakes always have an inner and an outer brake pad. The inner one (towards the wheel) is always fixed, while the outer one can move back and forth. After a certain time, the inner lining must therefore be readjusted and slightly adjusted towards the brake disc in order to ensure an even and safe braking process again. To do this, readjust the large adjusting screw on the inside of the brake calliper accordingly. It is also possible that the brake pads have reached their run-off / wear limit and need to be replaced with new ones. On vehicles with drum brakes, you can readjust them using the Bowden cable and the locking screw.
As a rule, the fault here is that a plug is loose somewhere or that it fails due to a loose connection. Something small that is preventing the scooter from flowing electricity in all the major parts. For example, it can also be due to a missing blade fuse / not activated main fuse. The scooter is activated, i.e. the front light lights up, the LEDs light up but the engine does not turn: 1. The side stand must be raised for the throttle to work. 2. The plug connections on the control unit must be checked here. Unplug individually and reconnect. Also check the wiring from the throttle grip - this is the cable from the throttle grip come follow and check.
The side stand must be up for the scooter to drive off. It can happen that the mechanism on the side stand does not work. This must then be replaced so that the scooter works again.
Check the main switch under the seat - if it is in the "OFF" position, the vehicle may not work. This is due to an unconnected positive terminal on the batteries. To do this, remove the running board on the Raptor and connect the positive terminal underneath (red cable) to the battery. Please switch off the main switch at the rear under the seat during longer storage. Otherwise the battery will be deep discharged and can be irreparably damaged. Please note that if the main switch is off, the alarm system will also stop working.
At the rear end of the cable towards the drum brake, there is an adjustment screw that can be turned/adjusted by hand. This increases or decreases the braking force.
Insert the key into the ignition lock and turn it anticlockwise.
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