SXT Buddy V2 - eKFV



Based on the already known SXT Buddy V2, we have designed the new model SXT Buddy V2 - eKFV according to the new electric micro vehicle regulation. 

In addition to the two extremely durable drum brakes at the front and rear, the SXT Buddy V2 - eKFV is characterised by its 8.5 inch pneumatic tyres, which ensure an extremely stable, quiet and safe ride. The high-quality aluminium frame attracts attention with its slim lines. Thanks to its large lithium battery with LG brand cells and 374.4 Wh capacity, the SXT Buddy V2 - eKFV provides plenty of riding fun for distances of up to 40 km.

Folded into compact dimensions, the SXT Buddy V2 eKFV also fits easily into all public transport, making it the perfect companion for commuters. The delivery includes a charger, a tool kit and a practical, high-quality air pump.




The SXT Buddy V2 eKFV folds up easily to save space.





Scope of delivery

ATTENTION: Minimum age 14 years - no helmet requirement, no driving licence requirement. 

E-scooters require an insurance sticker as proof of existing insurance.

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