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Expertise on the following topics:

Accumulators & batteries (charging, deep discharge, capacity, range, care, maintenance & wear)

Battery measurement & analysis technology

Electric motors & drives

Control devices & controllers

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Below is a collection of the most frequently asked general questions with the corresponding answers. We are constantly expanding our knowledge database and maintaining it, which is why a regular visit to this page is definitely worth it to get an answer to his question quickly, easily and at any time.

If an important question is missing here and not yet listed, we look forward to receiving a message using our contact form at the bottom of the page.

How much kg the SXT Scooters electric scooters can be loaded?
The SXT100 can be loaded with up to 80 kg payload and body weight.
The SXT300 KIDS can be loaded with up to 80 kg payload and body weight.
The SXT COMPACT H300 and SXT light can be loaded with up to 110 kg payload or body weight.
The SXT300, SXT COMPACT ULTIMATE, SXT500 EEC, SXT1000 Turbo, SXT1000 XL, XL SXT1000 EEC and the SXT H800 & H800 EEC can be loaded with up to 120 kg payload or body weight.
The SXT Raptor 1200 and SXT Gekko 1200 electric scooter can be loaded with up to 150 kg payload or body weight.
What does charging cycle mean?
When we speak of charging cycles we always mean full cycles. This means the battery is completely discharged and you fully recharge this represents one full charging cycle.
If the battery is, for example, half-emptied and then recharged so this is not about 1 charge cycle but only 1/2 charging cycle.
How long will the batteries last?
The durability of the batteries is highly dependent on the care and maintenance as well as the type of battery per se. The life time of a battery is not indicated in months or years but in number of charging cycles.
Lead-acid batteries usually have a life span of about 200-250 charge cycles.
Lithium batteries depends on the lithium type (LiFePo4 or Li (NiCoMn) O2) have a life expectancy of 1200-1800 charging cycles and are therefore when compared properly over the lifetime even the cheaper battery type and not just more expensive than lead-acid batteries as many believe.
How far I can ride with my scooter?
The scope of each scooter model always depends on many factors such as load, charge status, trip distance, age and condition of the batteries, ambient temperature and the driving style and may partially differ a lot.
Also, the range always depends directly on the existing battery capacity. This is indicated in Ah (ampere hours) or in Wh (watt hours). The higher the value the greater the possible range.
Can SXT scooters be used on public roads?
This always depends on whether the particular model is EEC approved or not. Our vehicles possess if they are admitted always an EU-wide authorization. That means if a vehicle is approved, it can always be operated in the EU on public roads - only the procedure of registration / insurance may be different.
There are also models that have to be insured and the rider needs to hold a driving license for example in Germany, that in other countries, for example in the case of our SXT 500 EEC and Austria legally can be used by everybody as  there they are treated as a bicycle. This must always be checked in each country and compared with the applicable regulations.
For whom SXT scooters are suitable / intended?
Our models are suitable for everyone - young or old, whether Couch Potato or high performance athletes, the models can be used for different purposes. Commuters use cars to travel from and to the Metro, for the way home or office. Camping fans use the models to shopping at the campsite, boat owners use the small compact models like as a real alternative to the walk from the port in the next harbor pub or shopping arcade. Even large companies are grateful if the long way on the premises not have to be done by foot, but can be quickly and practically mastered with one of our electric scooters.
Where can the SXT scooters be used?
SXT Scooters can be used for numerous purposes like for commuters, for leisure and hobby, camping & for example boat owners.
The range of use are slightly different depending on the model and depend in part also on whether the model is approved for public roads or not.
What are the advantages of lithium batteries compared to conventional lead acid batteries?
Lithium batteries have a much higher energy density and hence capacity in the same size as a lead-acid battery.
Lithium batteries are having much larger capacity and are about 50% lighter than a lead-acid battery in the same dimensions.
Why do I get with my scooter powered with lead batteries smaller and smaller distance the older the battery gets?
Each battery is a wear part and has a limited lifespan. In particular, lead-acid batteries wear out from the first charging up to the end of their lifetime. Each lead battery is subject to natural sulfating process. On the lead plates inside the battery there are growing sulfate crystals during the discharge process. These are "dissolved" during recharging by the increasing voltage – but never 100%.  So more and more sulfate crystals accumulate over the lifetime of the lead acid battery which lead to fact that the battery capacity is going down more and more until the battery has to be finally replaced by a new one. Regular recharging and careful handling of the battery can reduce this process as long as possible to a minimum but nothing can stop this - this is normal and natural wear.

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