Tuning set SXT1000 XL brushless motor 1600 Watt and 1600 Watt controller
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  • Tuning Set - consists of 48V 1600 Watt brushless motor and 48V 1600 Watt controller 
  • with the tuning set the acceleration is greatly improved
  • the top speed is up to 60 km / h
  • measure controller: 16,5 x 8,7 x 4,6 cm
  • weight: 0,55 kg
  • measure motor: 17,8 x 10,8 x 10,8 cm
  • weight: 4,95 kg
  • suited tuning part for model SXT1000 XL
  • the suitable chain for this Tuning Set is chain type T8F
  • Note! The control unit can also be purchased separately under item number SP0679.

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THIS IS THE CORRECT CONTROL UNIT FOR A SXT 1000 XL 48V THE MOTOR WIRES ARE YELLOW GREEN BLUE ALONG WITH THE HALL WIRES MEANING DIFFRENT PATTANS IN THE MOTOR LIKE WALKING UP STEPS THERES A CONTROL UNIT ON THIS SITE ON PAGE 2 FOR 32.50 SAYS SXT 1000 WATT 48V CONTROL UNIT ITS WRONG AN WITH BURN OUT YOUR THROTTLE THE MOTOR WIRES ARE WRONG brown then yellow with blue not sutible for a 1600 bushles motor needs to be corrected this one on here now is A+++++ problem is doe sell control unit as a single only with motor
fita on scooters with 1-step-keyignition (without light function switch)
14,- * *

fits on models with charging plug
14,- * *

fits on models with 48V operating voltage
49,99 * *

fits on model SXT1000, SXT1000XL, SXT1600 XL & SXT1000XL EEC
10,50 * *

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